Our Catering Area

Warmth and sharing

The south-west of France is a genuine haven for foodies. Meals are shared in a friendly atmosphere, a moment dedicated to bonding with your loved ones or to socialize which symbolizes the French way of life. We have therefore selected the finest flavours of our region for our small catering offer.

A genuine landmark for epicureans, the Villa Serra welcomes you to visit its wine cellar, which features local wine producers. You could also share some platters of charcuterie (cured meat) or seafood. Do come and enjoy our homemade breakfast and Sunday brunch.

There are over 60 restaurants in Agen within walking distance from the hotel, which is quite impressive! Depending on what you fancy, you can choose a gourmet restaurant, a bistro or a brasserie, and treat your taste buds with regional, Italian or Asian cuisine… This is the reason why we have chosen not to create our own restaurant : we only have a on-location catering service for professional or private events.