Discover the wine cellar of the Villa Serra in Agen

Amaze your taste buds

In the shape of an emblematic wooden barrel, our unique wine cellar will surprise you. Come in and explore our wide selection of wines, mainly from south-west France. We wish to promote the wines of our regions and the work of passionate producers.If you are an oenophile in search of willing to discover the pleasures of our terroir and a thrill for the senses, you have come to the right place. For Michel Serres, just as there are two tongues, one that tastes and another one that speaks, there are also two noses.

The first nose “ventures into bouquets”, “smells things” and writes down the original lexicon. The second nose “smells people”, “brings us together and builds our personal and collective bonds”.

In wine, the two noses come together: one for nature, the other for culture: “In this way, our wines harmonise people and the world”.