The Serra told in flowers and fragrance

Sense the message of flowers

Michel Serres, a philosopher from Agen, dreamt of a world that would link us with nature in a relationship of care and shared health between humans and the rest of the living world. We thought of the Serra Boutique Hotel as a concrete initiative that unifies comfort and nature.
The Serra has created an augmented sensory experience around flowers, to reveal its secrets to you.

Did you know that flowers can tell you a story?
The story of a place where nature has spoken, a story we would like to share with you.
Can you recognise the facets of its unique olfactory imprint?
Discover the flowers that sublimate* the Serra and awaken your senses.

* In chemistry, “sublimate” refers to the process from a physical state to a vapour state, naturally awakening your senses:
we offer you an olfactory and sensory immersion with our tailor-made room fragrance.